Monday, April 20, 2009

Lutut sakit sebab apa?

The BF told me yesterday that one of his friend's gf had recently quit her job as a Flight Attendant.
When asked why he said "she has some knee problems kot" (Never rely on a man to get you further details on something his friend told him)

When pressed further as to why she suddenly developed knee problems (kalau nak berborak, mestilah pretend to be interested sikit in the story) he said he did not know. But according to the Captain he spoke to yesterday, the theory which unfolded in the cockpit of one of the flights was this:-

Captain: *calls leading FA into cockpit*
Eh, kalau FA quit job sebab lutut dia sakit, sebab apa hah you rasa?

SFA: Oh, tentulah sebab doggie-style terlalu banyak nih.


Sakit lutut pun kena fitnah.



  1. if we quit our job bcause of back prob,then i understand la..knee prob??clubbing wit super duper high heels??haha.doesnt make sense. :p

    maybe she was an athlete before..when she was young.dah tua2 ni baru lutut nak longgar..kot. :)

  2. saloma, kalau blakang sakit . main bontot la byk kot. haiyooohhh.. ini mcm pon ada ka. ahahahaha.


  3. syazsy..noty noty is not allowed main jauh2.shuh!shuh!

  4. HAHA! Noty noty ALWAYS allowed here ;)

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